Saturday, August 2, 2008

Carnage at the Crab Hut!

What a fun experience! It was a colleagues birthday and she suggested we all go down to Convoy to visit the Crab Hut. I was wondering why it was so empty at lunchtime, but then I realized the average office worker probably isn't going to want to go back to work covered in 'full house' seasoning and grease and shrimp juice! Since we all work in a lab, we never really go all out with our wardrobe at work, we're always sloshing chemicals all over the place!

We selected a mixed fried starter with okra, scallops, cajun fries, calamari, fish and lots of good fried stuff. It was crunchy and fresh and delicious.

The main event is ordering a bag full of seafood, usually a pound, choosing a seasoning and a heat level. You are given a bib, then you tuck into the stuff!

I ordered the 1/2 lb shrimp with the full house dressing. This was a bit bland until I dipped the shrimp in the marinade in the bag and it was delicious! Others had crab legs, mussels and crawdads, and I think everything was very much enjoyed. I'm pretty sure that the snow crab and king crab are on the list not to eat, but I mentioned it in the car on the way there and didnt want to preach!

The only thing that wasnt much good was the potato salad, it was pretty dull, but by then everyone was so full they couldn't have possibly finished it anyway!!

I highly recommend this place for a very fun lunch or dinner out! Its not exactly the healthiest of lunches, but its great every now and then!

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