Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Cherry Tarts!

I saw these little delights on fresh from the oven, and I knew I had to try them! I had a big box of cherries in the fridge, lots of almond flour, and I wanted something nice for my afternoon snacks next week.

They are absolutely lovely! I did find them very salty indeed, I'm not sure where I went wrong, I followed the recipe exactly, substituting amaretto for cherry liquer. I think I'd try these with half the salt next time.


Almost Vegetarian said...

Those are too sweet for words.

Hmmm, I wonder if a teaspoon of salt was too much. Personally, I would expect half, or even quarter, that amount in a recipe like this. So, maybe next time, try cutting back on the salt and see if it makes a difference.

Oh, and I don't think substituting liquor wouldn't make a difference.

But I'd certainly try making these myself - they are just too adorable.


Glenna said...

They're adorable! What a clever idea to leave the stems sticking out. So cute!