Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sunflower Cake and Blogiversary!

Sunflower Cake
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What better to celebrate a year of blogging, and my colleague, Agnes' Birthday than a delicious malted chocolate cake with pretty sunflowers on it. Its been a great year, I'm really glad I started this blog, I'm sometimes a little humbled by the 'real' bloggers out there, but I really see this as my little place to record my successes and faliures and track my progress as I learn more. I've definitely improved a lot with my presentation of food, and I think my classes have really improved my speed and confidence.

I followed the Chowhound website recipe to a tee, just changing the decoration to a sunflower design inspired by the cupcakes I recently made.

I'd say it made a delicious cake, really moist and flavorful and about 5 mins prep time! I didn't really care for the frosting so much-it seemed just greasy rather than tasty, but people seemed to enjoy that too. The malted powder in the frosting accounted for the rather avocado-like tint of the green under the sunflowers!

Please see chowhound for the recipe, I followed it to a tee

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Anonymous said...

hi there :)

just found your blog after you commented over at RWT - nice! i saw those very cupcakes in a cookbook this weekend at target and was wondering about pulling off the frosting. it looks beautiful!

- t*